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I am 36 years old and working in tech for over a decade.

I am also husband and father of two kids. My son is 6yo, started with elementary school and a 6mo daughter. Two years ago my wife and I have bought our dream house.

I've worked as a IT-consultant/sysadmin for over 6 years, where I managed more than 100 Windows clients. This work also included managing the clients infrastructure, from networking to VPN connections, terminal server to file server and also Microsoft Exchange server in a high-availability configuration.

This was also the time where I attended the evening school to learn coding (24h evening school and 38h fulltime job). In that job I've also automated many aspects of our daily job with PowerShell scripts or small C# applications.

After that, I've worked as a .NET developer/consultant in the public sector helping to manage, update and extend an big and old ASP.NET WebForms application. That app needed a new frontend and I've lead the team that created a React frontend with TypeScript.

In my current role I'm working as a Senior Frontend Developer, improving a Next.js application, extracting components and converting them to React Native, so they can be used for an iOS and Android app created with Expo, styled with Nativewind and deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.