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Hire an experienced developer.

The current market makes it really hard for companies to find qualified freelancers for short or long form contracts. The market also makes it hard for freelancers to find the right clients.

This is why DaaS (Developer as a subscription) exists.

You can quickly get started and I could be working in your codebase tomorrow. Just setup a call to talk in detail. You can assign me as many tickets as you want, I'll work through them one by one until you are satisfied.

So, how does it really work?

After our initial call, you will receive a payment link for your chosen subscription and when you've set up your subscription, you grant me access to your chosen Git provider and ticketing system and you can start assigning tickets/items. I will start as soon as possible and work on your items one by one.

As soon as an item is finished, a pull request will be created and when you or your engineers accept the pull request, the item can be set to done and the work on the next item can start.

Meet the team

Yasin Backend guy (C# & Laravel)
Yasin Frontend guru (Next.js, React, Vue)
Yasin Tailwind freak
Yasin Tester


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This is a subscription service, just like your Netflix or Display Plus subscription. But you are getting an experienced developer for a monthly fee. You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Pricing starts at €999